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Juspax helps you connect and share with the people for Truth and Justice.

      So what is

      Have you been wronged and want to make things right, clear your name or even have a real case reopened? is a full featured social network with a big difference! Sure you can network with friends and promote your brand but that's were the similarity with a regular social network ends.

      At you can file a case, assign lawyers and appoint members to your team. You can submit evidence of any type and really make your case heard. An independent panel of member jurors will then thoroughly study the case for the plaintiff(s) and defendant(s) and decide an outcome.

      What can do for you?

      Everyone has been in a position in life where they feel that the system had let them down. This could of course be the case within the judicial system, or any other walk of life. The web has provided a solution for all kinds of problems, but in the hunt for truth, justice and righteousness, the web did not provide an adequate solution. Until now. With, you can lead your own quest for truth and justice.

      How works for you

      At, anyone can file a case against anyone. The system that the website uses is based on the courts in Ancient Greece. Back in those courts, there was no public prosecutor. There was no judge either. Any person, literally anyone, could bring charges against other persons and hence start a trial. Of course there were rules to abide by, but the system was extremely simple and effective. With, this system now is translated to the web. The basic premise is that your peers will eventually support you with advice and judgment, and that the load of passing judgment hence is spreaded throughout society. This of course benefits the righteousness of the case and the judgment that is passed!

      The added value of

      Let’s say that you have tried the regular road of the judicial system, or are trying this road out right now. You might want to deliver additional proof of your right, or want to solidify the case that you are building further. let’s you do exactly that in a great and innovative way. Evidence and other pieces that are relevant to the case can be connected to the case can be added right away to the case that you easily set up online via Why would you wait? Justice and truth is just a click away.

      We have an adult and a youth court and you can create public and private cases. Why not start today?