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I’m an attorney with a large law firm here in Calgary. We do mostly personal injury law, and a little real estate work.
I had heard about from a colleague and it sounded odd to me that anyone would consider setting up a trial outside of a binding legal system. But, as I learned more about what they had to offer, it began to make perfect sense.
For so many disputes, there really is not a payoff for the plaintiff to go through the trouble of action in a real court. The expenses are quite high, and for many cases simply not worth the effort.
Many people are certainly willing to participate in an online public-opinion debate and trial, as they are convinced that they are in the right. However, the financial damages are not worth the effort to go to trial.
In this regard, I think is a really great idea, and a potential solution to many conflicts people experience every day.

Ross Rooks

The service that Juspax provides is revolutionary. Another similar site I consulted didn't seem to even grasp what I was asking their customer service people. That didn't inspire any confidence. Besides, there was a steep sign-up fee. Then I found that offered exactly what I wanted at a price you can't beat ~ Free! Even my kids learnt a lot right here. Juspax is miles ahead of any else.

Adam Gibson

I highly recommend Juspax. Surpassed all my expectations. At first, I was a bit nervous about the whole process and what it would involve but I needn't have worried. Sign up was hassle-free and actually filing the case was a couple of simple straight-forward steps. Instructions were clear so that anyone can easily follow. I managed to do it all within a few minutes! This is brilliant! I can't wait to move forward with my case.

Alexandar Wayne

I had long wanted to start a case against a institution that had committed some serious injustices against me and my family. Unfortunately, I had no idea where to begin and did not have the time nor the budget to travel across the country to meet with some recommended lawyers. Thankfully, based off of the recommendation from a trusted colleague, I visited the website of JusPax and was completely blown away by the services that they offered. After just a few simple steps, I was able to get in touch with some legal professionals in a timely manner, which allowed me to discuss my potential case with them without me having to even leave my place of work. I only had to file a brief and did not have to go through the courts, which would have taken months upon months. They have been assisting me during every step of the process, and recently, we have made big strides in working towards settling this issue with the organization. I can't recommend JusPax enough, as they are complete professionals! The fact that their website offers even more additional services is incredible as well!

Josh Thomson
Phoenix, Arizona

We were desperate to find a solution to our problem. We needed a trustworthy adviser to work with. We realized that things can get messy without someone of considerable experience and expertise. And we're so pleased we found them at Juspax. They came through for us big time. Thank you so much!

Jon & Clara

I was almost shattered. In fact, both I and my husband didn’t want to separate but there was no other option. We approached our counselor and they made hard efforts to unite us and discussed every fact that helped us from getting divorced. They saved our life! Whenever I remember those days, I realize what a wrong step me and my husband were going to take.

Samer aljouri

I was accused in an accident case and in the absence of all the proofs it became extremely difficult to prove myself. The accident was not due to my mistake. I had lost all the hope until one day when a lawyer from JusPax was ready to handle my case. As the proceedings went on, my lawyer had assured my freedom from the case with the help of strong evidences that he collected from the accident spot. So, much of hard work and finally I am at my home. Hats off to them!

Samir Maatouk

My name is Bonnie Calhoun; I’m an Intern with a Family Law practice in Atlanta, I am also finishing up my final semester in law school. I assist the attorneys at the office with their cases and do a great deal of research. was actually a topic of conversation at lunch one day….many of the attorneys and staffers had a big luncheon for someone’s birthday….and the topic came up. One of the attorneys’s seemed to know a lot about JustPax, and it sounded interesting. I kinda forgot about it until there was a dispute in my neighborhood about some dogs that were not being treated kindly.
We all knew that there was no way this was a legal court item, as there was not really any laws broken. I suggested this , and everyone was anxious to try it.
We set up the online system….it was pretty easy…..and everyone made their case about the dog-care, and there was a spirited debate. It all turned out wonderfully in the end, and it was a pretty great experience.
So, now I use as a regular tool in my law tool-box!

Bonnie Calhoun

John D

Judge Foster:


Doctor Stan W